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I'm Rachel Mooney, and I am passionate about sharing my interpretation of the universes beauty. My series of fine art photography includes New Zealand native trees, floral, abstract, female nude, and night photography.

My work has been described as "mysterious, rich, and engaging", and is exhibited in galleries locally, and are in private collections internationally, including, London, New York, Tokyo, and Helsinki.

I have also contributed images for award winning publications, and was featured in former Mayor, and award winning author, Sir Bob Harvey's iconic "Westies" book, which profiled West Auckland artists and creatives.




Rachel Mooney is an extraordinary photographer. She has excelled in capturing the glorious images of the west coast, the celestial arcs of starry grandeur and the human form. Rachel’s photography seems to have an inner sense of purpose, she looks at an object and photographs it to reveal its hidden substance, she knows beyond the lens what she wants to present.

Sir Bob Harvey, QSO

West Auckland photographer Rachel Mooney is becoming well known for her seductively rich landscape photographs, which explore the use of time-lapse exposure to create images that test the limits of image making through this medium. In this exhibition she presents a series of time-lapse images, along with a series of detailed flower studies that invite us to examine the beauty and wonder of nature.

Corban Estate Arts Centre


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